Looking After the Smallest of Angels

At Richard Bird Funeral Services we have experience in looking after the smallest of Angels. When a baby or child grows their wings too soon it is so very difficult and just doesn’t make sense. It literally shatters the family’s world. No parent should ever have to plan their child’s funeral but heartbreakingly some parents do. If you find yourself having to do the unimaginable, we are always here for you.

You can be rest assured that your little one will be well looked after like our own at Richard Bird Funeral Services. We have unfortunately looked after a number of little ones and helped their families say their final goodnight, the way they want to. We will do whatever we can to help you and your family through the most difficult time you can ever face.

No matter how old your little one is and whether your little one grew their wings in their mummy’s womb or later in life, we will provide the best personal service for your little one. We have a range of equipment for little ones including moses baskets and we encourage the family to bring the little one’s things with them to make them feel more secure.

At Richard Bird Funeral Services you can spend unlimited amount of time with your little one at anytime of day. We can also support you in spending time with your little one at home if this is what you want and it is practically possible. You can dress your little one if that’s what you want to do and make some final memories whilst they are in our care. We will assist you in anything you would like us to do.

Your little ones funeral can be as unique and special as they are and we can help and advice you with how to give your little one the very special goodnight that they need to have. We don’t believe that any family should have to worry about costs when facing their worst nightmare, so all costs that are within our control including a coffin, a car for the family and little one on their final journey and our services are free for all babies and children. There are third party costs depending on what decisions you make that are out of our control but we can advice you on these when discussing arrangements.

Richard Bird Funeral Services were awarded The Most Supportive Funeral Director 2018 so in the hardest of times you know we will do everything we can to support you and provide your little one and your family with the very best care.

Richard Bird is passionate and dedicated about families accessing the correct help after the death of a baby or child. He is an Ambassador for Darcey’s Dream – My Family and Siblings Matter which is a Registered Charity number 1173488. Darcey’s Dream supports families and has a big focus on siblings after the loss or death of a baby or child. Richard has worked closely with a lot of the families supported by the Charity and can provide families with information to access the number of services and support methods that Darcey’s Dream offer if they would like.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Information

We keep our prices down to enable you do more for your family. That is why we have our Best Price Promise Guarantee as the last thing any family wants to do after the death of a loved one is shop around for the best value. We will always give you the best price the first time.

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